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Studying the Bible, Listening to Preachers and Catching Hell
September 21, 2011 ~ 4 comments

I was in Colorado this past weekend to speak at the “Steeling the Mind Bible Conference.” I want to thank the sponsors, Compass Ministry for their hospitality, and for their dedication in assisting the Christian community. I know they really want to help Christians overcome the serious challenges this world presents, and I commend them for that.

After introducing myself, I let the crowd know that I don’t have an Afro, I have an Amerifro! They got a kick out of that.

The first question I asked the audience was, “Do you have anger?” Now mind you this was a Christian audience, lots of well-meaning people who want nothing better than to find peace and happiness in their homes.

Don’t listen to anyone who says that anger is good, and justifies it by recounting how Jesus had anger when he drove the moneychangers out of the temple. Jesus did not have the same kind of mean, judgmental anger that the average Christian and non-Christian have, trust me!

Many of the people I spoke with Saturday evening would love to be born again. But behind closed doors, they are either raising hell or catching it.

Prior to finding God’s peace some twenty-three years ago, I was in the same boat. I colored my Bible from beginning to end; spoke in tongues at 5 a.m. (driving my landlord nuts!)—I can tell you, none of it worked. I was still angry and miserable inside.

If you’re in this position it’s time to admit to yourself that things aren’t working. You may be reading the Bible but you’re unhappy, you have an unhappy family life, and you’re messing up your kids. Have you ever asked yourself why?

So many people came up to see me after my talk, telling me about the hell they’re going through. A woman said she had an anger issue, and was grateful to hear the message. I told her husband to stop being weak and making his wife into his mother. He admitted that in the beginning of their marriage, he depended on her, instead of her depending on him for guidance, reversing the divine order.

Because men typically resent their mothers, they end up marrying their mothers, then they start feeling controlled and the battle starts. The woman who had come up to talk with me then called her children over to meet me. She cried and apologized to them right there. She was so sorry for what she unconsciously did to them, causing so much conflict in the family. It was a blessed moment.

The good news is, there IS a way back to God, not from without, but from within. You need to find that secret place inside. When you read the Bible with an open mind, it speaks of the Kingdom of Heaven within. You need to discover the invisible—most never do while being distracted by the visible. Inside that secret place, you will find the miracle of forgiveness, as I did some twenty-three years ago.

A man approached me after my talk, and told me he’s studying the Bible. That’s a big mistake. You cannot literally “study to show yourself approved.” The Bible itself says that too much study wearies the mind. It is the original sin itself constantly repeated—Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and suffered the consequences. Knowledge without wisdom destroys.

You must hunger and thirst for righteousness. Seek, don’t study—there’s a big difference. What you seek is IN-Sight, not OUT-Sight. Look inside and become aware of God and His freeing power.

It’s heartbreaking to see so many who want salvation but are misguided by ministers who encourage Bible study and excuse sin (they seem to go hand in hand). They make excuses, like, “I’m not perfect”, or “I’ll have salvation when I die”, or “I’ll be saved when Jesus comes back.” But Jesus himself said you can have salvation now, you don’t have to wait. We can have perfect peace, and be made perfect.

Never let the preacher get between you and God. If a preacher truly is from God, he won’t stand in your way. If they do, you know they’re not called by God. Look out for this in your churches.

Just seek—not study—with a quiet heart and mind, and you will find the peace you’ve been searching for.

Being able to speak to a large group of engaged people in Colorado, and a worldwide webcast audience, was truly a blessing. The positive feedback I received after the speech was overwhelming. God will do amazing things through you if you let your anger go—I know, I’m a living witness.


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Author: NancyLee - September 22, 2011
Jesse, I'm glad you have a blog to respond to - as I don't want a facebook or twitter account. I agree with what you say about
studying the Bible - seek the Kingdom, don't study it.
Author: Blacksheep777 - October 19, 2011
This is not hate mail. I don't hate you. I pity you. You are part of a minority of African American people who actually hate themselves. And no matter how you try you will not be accepted by the group you represent as being as good as White folk. You're being used as a tool of the political far right...You will never know how they really feel about you because you are not privy to their intimations. They see you as an inarticulate buffoon who hates his race. And they are not alone.
Author: Pearl Lemdal - September 16, 2012
I would like to reply to Blacksheep777. It is such a pity you will think about Rev Bond in such a degrading manner. I wonder if you really know Jesus Christ and what He stands for. We are all created equal in the sight of God and it is people like you who cause the division. I would suggest that you give your heart to the Lord and ask Rev Bond for forgiveness.
Author: darkinlovely - July 19, 2013
I find Mr. Peterson to be a very negative and displeasing individual. His thoughts about the black race is a disgrace. Many are call to be partaker of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but few or chosen. I find it to be very difficult to give this person the respect as a member of the five - fold ministry. May God have mercy on your rejected, jacked up soul. No need to send a response, because I am not interested in what Mr. Peterson or anyone else connected to him have to say.
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