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Forging a Tighter BOND
May 24, 2011 ~ 6 comments

It is with much joy that I write these words today. We’ve been working for many months to put together new websites for both BOND and BOND Action. The purpose of the new sites is to give you—our supporters and friends—a more interactive and useful experience, and to keep a tight bond in our communication and all-important relationship.

So much is changing in our world—evil is fast consolidating, yet so is good. We need to be able to interact with speed and effectiveness to win the day.

This format also allows us to demonstrate a very important principle I have long discussed in other formats—the principle that the black community, and for that matter, all communities—don’t need leaders, we need examples. I am not writing this blog to tell you how to think, but rather to provide an example of living with honor, and navigating through a dangerous world with a steady heart and head.

I am the Founder and President of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny. This is our twenty first year “Rebuilding the Family By Rebuilding the Man.” In this blog, I will explain just how we’ve been able to do that. I’ll also explain how to have perfect faith. I will give you my honest reaction to the culture news of the day. And I assure you I will pull no punches in calling out the race hustlers of our present day!

In addition to my new blog, I want to let you know that you can also interact with me on my Twitter feedYou Tube ChannelFacebook Page, and by calling my daily Radio Show (6-9 AM PST, M-F).

I want to hear your feedback as we move forward. We are in this fight together!

We at BOND are totally committed to rebuilding men, families, faith, and our great country. With these new amazing communications tools at our disposal, we have more ways than ever to do just that.

This is the time—and BOND is doing our part. I urge you to join with me reclaim that which is the most important. I’m happy to have you along for the journey—let’s roll !

Author: Susan - June 1, 2011
Jesse and everyone at BOND. I love your new websites. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!
Author: John D'Arcy - June 9, 2011
Great website everyone, much more user friendly than the old one. A new look for a new day.Best wishes Jesse and the team at B.O.N.D.
Author: Curt Kingsbury - June 11, 2011
Jesse, You and your organization are doing such a fine job, even despite the persistent personal attacks by those who would seek to keep the division between the races as well as prevent you from allowing others to seek the New Destiny they need. We are proud to support B.O.N.D even in our modest way, have your books & CDs, and are always in your corner. We appreciate your vocalization of both Patriotic and Conservative views, and very, very seldom disagree with your viewpoints in those areas; you are a true American, Jesse! Thank you for all you do and that you never compromise your principles.
Author: Anonymous - June 21, 2011
Been listenin' to Rev. Peterson for a number of years now and thank God that I came across him. Thanks Jesse for being my voice.
Author: Janet - July 22, 2011
Oh yeah, fabuouls stuff there you!
Author: willix - July 24, 2011
I have just listened to some of your commentary on Jason Lewis show(I think) and it is important to get this blog going or alternate forum & share this Tea Party attitude. I am sickened by how politics has become a racial divide and frankly can't believe the media is fueling this. Politics is dirty enough without interjecting race in the mix. I am a middle aged white guy always down on my luck. I never really paid much attention to politics til' 9/11. Now all I do is listen to talk radio. I listen to right & left view points. I have considered myself a Democrat then a Republican but I don't want to identify with either and have a centerist view now leaning to the libertarian side with reservations. I like the idea that Tea Party is attractive to all sides of politics, clear differences but not willing to change this great country into something the majority of folks don't want. It's all very selfish. I can not believe what is being allowed to happen to our economy. The american drean is getting stepped on and I hope enough folks get up and fight for our dream. I don't expect much of a dream but the little I have altered into something else. Folks need to vent, gather & stand up. Conservatives seem to be letting a few on the wacko left walk all over them.
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